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as your dog learns appropriate ways to behave around their triggers!

Reactive Rover is a course designed to help owners with reactive dogs (dogs that react negatively to other dogs and/or people exhibiting behaviors such as growling, barking, lunging, shaking, or shutting down in the presence of such stimuli) learn better management and handling skills based on Emma Parson's highly acclaimed book, "Click to Calm; Healing the Aggressive Dog."

The course is also intended to help re-condition the dogs response to such stimuli to help create a positive association through scientifically-proven clicker training methods.  Because of the sensitive nature of this course, the dogs must be evaluated prior to enrollment and must strictly adhere to all required safety protocol.

This course is limited to 5 dogs and homework will be handed out at each class and students are encouraged to keep in contact with the trainers outside of class.

Our Reactive Rover Accelerated Program is intended for those who would like to put their reactive dog behavior modification program on the fast track. It includes enrollment in our Reactive Rover - Level 1 group class plus four private training sessions from the instructor outside of the classroom. This program helps speed up the rehabilitation process to help make training more efficient and effective.

This program includes:

  • Reactive Rover - Level 1 group class enrollment (6 weeks of classes)
  • *Four, 30-minute private sessions with the instructor

*The location of the private training sessions will be determined by the instructor with the consent of the client and best interests of the dog in mind. A separate trip charge may apply if private sessions are held outside of the normal service area. Private sessions will be scheduled at least once, but no more than twice, per week and can begin as early as the third week of the group class & end no later than one week after the group class is complete. 

eactive Rover 2 builds upon the progress made in Reactive Rover 1 through the implementation of games & exercises which facilitate closer work between the dog & handler teams and their triggers. Emphasis will remain upon changing how the dog feels about their trigger/s, helping them practice and improve upon alternative behaviors to reacting and improving handler management. Class is limited to 5 dogs.







Dogs 6 months and older (5 dogs max. per course)

Central Bark Eastside - 3800 N 1st St

Level 1: Wednesday, December 12th @ 6:45pm 
Level 1: Wednesday, January 9th @ 7:55pm
Level 1: Wednesday, January 30th @ 6:45pm     
Level 2: Tuesdays @ 6:45pmOpen enrollment - students may join the class at any time provided there is room.

Level 1: 6 weeks, 1 hour classes 

Level 2: 5 week enrollment period, 45-minute classes

Level 1: $225.00

Level 2: $175.00

Accelerated Program: $425

Level 1 • Enrollment form evaluation & in-person assessment 

Level 2 • Reactive Rover - Level 1, instructor's approval

Level 3:  Reactive Rover Level 2, instructor's approval

"Almost a year ago, I rescued a beautiful american bulldog named Winston. I was told that Winston had been found in a basement, and would need training, and patience. Winston was instantly friendly and snuggly with everyone he met, but he was dog reactive, and almost impossible to walk.
I started working with Eric in October after several obedience classes did not work for us.
During our private lessons, I saw a new dog emerge. After getting some basic obedience instilled, we started working on his reactivity. While working with Eric's dog, and playing round after round of look at that, my dog became more and more relaxed around other dogs. Eric continued to challenge Winston by having many of our sessions outside, in the "real world". We have even succesfully introduced a second dog to our household, and I am beginning to have play dates with other dogs. 
I wouldn't have imagined the transformation Winston has made.
The things that really set Eric apart from other trainers, was that he took the time to learn about my dog, always was willing to try something new, and was always willing to answer questions. I wholeheartedly recommend Behavior Works, and truly can't thank Eric and Ella enough."
                                                                                                       ~ Sara & Winston ~
"I drove out east over the holidays. My wife and I, my brother, and a total of 6 dogs were enjoying each others company for two weeks in my parents basement! Zu-zu did great. And she did great in the hotel on the way forth and back. The change in venue provided lots of opportunities for set-ups with my relatives and friends. My biggest test came when I ran into an old friend while walking Zu-zu and my other BC, Sully, at the local on-leash park. My friend was accompanied by her yellow lab, Baily. I asked her to give Zu-zu and I about 10 feet and we were able to chat for about 15 minutes. Zu-zu was not relaxed but she remained in control. The most valuable tools in my kit were the "name game" and the "up-and-down game". I also used her "relax on the mat" cushion in her crate while in both the motel and my parents house. And last but not least, I made sure to keep her on the same daily "eat-sleep-work" program she has at home. " Thank you again for your help."
~ Tom & ZuZu ~

"I've been working with Tara a lot re: exposure to other dogs and I have a success story :) I walk with a friend of mine at night and we are at the point where she can walk with no barking/lunging by a dog w an invisible fence who barks at her, dogs in yards, on leashes, and was even fine with a dog who approached us with no leash!!  Thanks for all your advice.  It really is amazing how a dog can transform with practice."
~ Megan & Tara ~

"Radar is doing so awesome! He did really awesome with my mom. Working with both of them several times a day, after a couple of days he was walking up to her and nudging her hand wanting to be petted. We ordered pizza the other day, and when the pizza guy got here, Radar didn't bark at him at all, and he could clearly see him at the door. I just wanted to thank you so much for all you've done with us, and giving us the tools to help him be happier and less stressed!"
~ Erin & Radar ~

"This class has made such a difference in her behavior towards other dogs and people too. We went on a hike this weekend and she did very well. When we see people, she doesn't react at all. Just looks a little and keeps walking. We walked right past them. With seeing other dogs, we stop on the side of the trail cause there is nowhere to go, I tell her nice and sit and she does it and I give her treats. It's amazing that the other dog can walk by us and she doesn't "flip" out, like she used to. Thank you so much for making this kind of training available." 
~ Anita & Nesta ~

"I've taken my dog to training classes at other places in the past and this was by far the easiest to follow and made the biggest difference in my dog's behavior while out on our walks. My dog is noticeably more relaxed on our walks and has not reacted by barking at other dogs when he sees them in quite some time. Eric is great! Even though this was a group class, I felt like everyone in the class was given individual attention for their specific situations and the things taught in the class really work!" 
~ Kevin & Pace ~

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