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Socialization is one of the most important aspects of your puppy’s early development. Much of an adult dog’s preferences, fears, and attitudes are developed between the ages of 7 weeks and 16 weeks. Maximizing training and socialization opportunities during this critical development period will help ensure a confident, well socialized adult dog. 

Our specialized Puppy Pre-School training class emphasizes positive socialization with other puppies, people and environmental stimuli. Your puppy will gain crucial exposure to a wide variety of novel objects, new sounds and veterinary and home-care procedures. This is known as socialization, and it is crucial as good puppy socialization now can help to prevent serious concerns later. 

Your pup will learn the simple but important behaviors that form the foundation of all other learning, including house training, crate training, and puppy nipping and mouthing.  We also introduce basic skills, including sit and coming when callled, using clicker training! 

Come join the fun in our safe and supportive learning environment with other new puppy parents!







Puppies 7-15 weeks at the start of class

Central Bark Eastside - 3800 N 1st St

Tuesday, January 30th @ 6:45pm

6 weeks, 1-hour classes (Note: puppies do not come the first night)

$150.00 (Price includes a clicker)

Age appropriate vaccinations 


*Note: Your puppy must be started on their vaccination series, but the entire series does NOT need to be completed before the start of class. 

This is a family-friendly class, however children under 8 years of age must be accompanied by an additional guardian.

"We had a wonderful time in puppy class. It was so much fun to see all the critters running and enjoying themselves.
Our instructor made the class so positive and educational!" ~ Gail & Dewey

"I had no idea that the clicker would be as effective as it was for Jackson. (We enjoyed) introducing Jackson to the various objects and the "Pass-the-Puppy" game." ~ Steve, Sarah & Jackson

"I saw a definite positive growth in Gracie's behaviors! Over the course of the class she became more confident and more willing to explore new things. The puppy play time and modeling of behaviors were my favorite!" ~ Ann & Gracie

"We enjoyed the ability to practice what we read and watched in the videos during class. Watching the puppies learn how to socialized was very fun!" ~ Jeff, Sue & Mickey

"The Puppy Pre-School course is great!  Our instructor was so helpful in many ways. She was always available for questions and always responded in a timely way via e-mail or phone."
~ Danny, Susan & Mingus

"Being able to watch our puppy grow from the first day to the last was our favorite part of this course, along with the exposure to all types of different environmental stimuli." ~ Mike, Andrea & Ruby

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