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Why should I train my dog?

Regardless of a dog's breed, size, or age, he can benefit from good leadership, household rules, exercise, and training. Whether your training goal is to have a high-scoring obedience competitor or a dog that is a well-mannered family member, the fundamental ingredient for success is the same. The bond between you and the dog will pave the way to training success.

Our goal is to help you with exercises designed to teach all these things. Training is a daily, ongoing process and is not restricted to certain times or places. It is a great idea to set aside a few minutes each day for formal training sessions and hugely beneficial to attend group training classes, but it is also important to realize that every interaction with your dog is a training opportunity.

What type of training methods do you use?

BehaviorWorks uses scientifically-proven, positive reinforcement training methods.  In simple terms, we reward dogs with good stuff when they do something we want and we do this by using a clicker. In our classes we use food for the main rewards, but we will coach you how you can use toys and "life rewards" in everyday training scenarios too! 

What is Clicker Training?

"Clicker training" is an animal training method based on behavioral psychology that relies on marking desirable behavior and rewarding it. Desirable behavior is usually marked by using a "clicker," a mechanical device that makes a short, distinct "click" sound which tells the animal exactly when they're doing the right thing. This clear form of communication, combined with positive reinforcement, is an effective, safe, and humane way to teach any animal any behavior that it is physically and mentally capable of doing.

Will I always need a clicker?

Nope!  But you will build a great reinforcement history with food prior to weaning it out.  We help teach you the power of intermittent reinforcement to help strengthen your dog's behaviors (once the are fluent).  We do recommend, however, that you always surprise your dog with a cookie here and there as a nice way of reminding them of a job well done. 

What class is right for me?

If you have a new puppy between the ages of 7-15 weeks, you’ll want to start with our Puppy Start Right Pre-School class. Our puppy class focuses on positive, proactive socialization experiences in a safe learning environment to guide you through your puppy’s critical growth period.

For dogs 4 months and older with limited, or no training, you’ll want to start with our Fundamental Manners course. This class works on everyday manners, such as loose leash walking, attention, sitting and coming when called. Learning is done in a positive, encouraging environment! No dog is too old to take this class…and some people even take this course more than once, just for fun!

Another option is to challenge yourself and your dog in our Control Unleashed class. This class focuses on, well, focus! We will teach you and your dog skills to help build a great relationship while simultaneously teaching your dog great impulse control skills in the face of distractions. We also introduce off-leash work in this course, if the dog/ handler team are ready.

For those of us with sensitive dogs that exhibit reactive behaviors (barking, lunging and/or growling at people and/or dogs), our Reactive Rover group classes are specifically designed to help you. These courses, offered in 2-levels, offer a safe and controlled learning environment to help teach you and your dog new skills and activities to change their emotional response to “triggers” while building new behaviors and coping skills.

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