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Metro Milwaukee Dog Training and Behavior Modification Services

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Interactive Play

Fetch, Tug, and Hide & Seek games are played to help teach your dog impulse control skills and expend extra mental and physical energy.

Puzzles & Search Games

Interactive Pet Activity Toys, Treat Puzzle Games, Shaping Games, Search Games, and more.

Our Daytime Train & Play™ service is an innovative enrichment program designed for: puppies with specific needs that make it difficult for them to be left home alone, dogs with behavior issues that make it difficult for them to take advantage of traditional daily enrichment services and for people who want a trained dog but don't have the time to do it themselves.

Your dog spends their day with us at the facility where we provide a variety of activities including but not limited to: manners training, interactive play, supervised mental exercise through search games & treat puzzle games and maintenance of behavior modification programs.

Space in this program is extremely limited to ensure each dog receives individualized attention. 






Dogs that don't do well in traditional Dog Daycare settings due to anxiety or over arousal.

Owners of puppies & young dogs that are having trouble with house training due to them being left home alone for too long during the day.

Dogs with behavioral issues such as reactivity or resource guarding who are unable to take advantage of other traditional enrichment activities.*

Dogs that are highly energetic and intelligent who need a supplement
to their current Dog Daycare program.

The busy professional who’s work schedule doesn't allow for enough
time to invest in training and exercise.

*Reactive dogs & dogs with resource guarding issues may need to be evaluated prior to attending.

Better manage your dog's or puppy's behavioral issues.

Challenge your dog physically & mentally in order to keep them from engaging in destructive behaviors.

Increase your dog’s problem solving & coping skills.

Maintain your dog’s current modification or training program.

Training & Behavior Modification

Loose Leash Walking, Recall, Sit, Down, Stay, Tricks, Retrieving and more.

Receive $25.00 off when you purchase either the Silver or Gold package for the first time.

All students currently 
enrolled in BehaviorWorks group classes are eligible 
for a 10% discount on 
Daytime Train & Play™ 
for the duration of their 
current class.

Rescue dogs receive 
$10.00 off their first day of
Daytime Train & Play™ or $25 off of the purchase 
of any Train & Play package.

Step 1: Complete our Daytime Train & Play™ Enrollment Form
Our certified trainer will contact you via phone within 24 hours to set up the
Daytime Train & Play™ Consultation.

Step 2: Schedule a Daytime Train & Play™ Consultation
The 30 minute long consultation is typically conducted over the phone, however, some consults at the facility may be required. During the consultation we will review your enrollment form, discuss an enrichment plan with you and choose the day of the week that your dog will be attending. 

$40.00 per day

$375 for a 10-pack*

*10 visits must be used within 60 days

An excellent supplement for those enrolled in our Puppy Start Right 

and Reactive Rover group classes!

$300 per month 

2 visits per week

$460 per month  

3 visits per week 

Unlimited visits - $750 per month

Payment due upon booking.

Daytime Train & Play™ services are available M-Th, 8am – 6pm.

Payment for service is due upon booking.

Daytime Train & Play™ services are not available on weekends or National Holidays.

Discounts cannot be combined and are not redeemable for cash value.